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Effective tool for identifying potential candidates for executive and managerial positions, it assesses skills and identifies areas for development.


• Practical exercises to simulate actual work environment in order to assess an executive’s realtime behavior and conduct.
• Highlight specific skills for the function that is being evaluated.
• A more objective report written by a consensus of evaluators, unlike traditional ones written by one person.

Identifies the degree of proficiency of the major predictors of success.

Enviromental and Cultural Assessment

Turn your company or institution into the best place to work and to develop personally and professionally.

We conduct studies of organizational work and cultural environment based on the opinions of members of the organization to determine the level of employees’ satisfaction, sense of wellbeing, ownership of organizational culture, and their perception of their work environment.

The purpose of the Work Environment and Cultural Evaluation is to know what plans, actions and projects need to be implemented to have a positive impact on your organization’s work and cultural environment.

THS Group uses a statistically valid and reliable online tool, which is personalized to your needs and specific requirements.

We have different modules that allow to accurately identify levels of efficient skills, behaviors, values, processes and goals.
We offer anonymous and confidential evaluation results.
Technical support for both the well managing and functioning of the system.

Ideal if you want to feel the pulse of your company.

The purpose of the Work Environment and Cultural Evaluation is to know what plans, actions and projects need to be implemented to impact the culture and work environment of your company.

Anonymous assessments and confidential results.

Methodology used to compare the participant’s perception against the perception of others that relevantly interact with him or her, which rapidly increasing the awareness of their strengths and weaknesses to improve performance levels.

360º snapshot of the participant’s current status according to their own perception and that of their closest collaborators.

Eliminates executives’ blind spots to quickly increase productivity and opportunity.

Helps increase staff’s emotional intelligence and efficiency, making them aware of how their behavior impacts others.

Identifies training needs, to develop annual development plans.

What factors can it measure?

· Skills

· Values

· Emotional Intelligence

· Developmental limitations and obstacles

Measures performance based on the skills required by the job.



THS Group has a system of evaluation and analysis that provides extensive information with varying degrees of detail on expected performance, both individually and in groups, inter-departmental and organization-wide. We assess whether employees perform optimally in their responsibilities and goals.


· Facilitates executive’s human resources decision-making and recognition of employees with higher levels of contribution and commitment.

· Measures and shows the result of each assessment ensuring its validity and reliability.

Comprehensive measurement of professional conduct, performance and achievement of results.

Specialized consultancy

Solutions that add to your organizational results.

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